Welcome to Cleverly Prepared

A community of believers who believe life is best when you work together.

What is Cleverly Prepared?


Cleverly Prepared exists to:

  • Connect people locally to exchange food/services
  • Provide skill training courses and resources 
  • Commune together in our shared faith in Christ

Most prepping groups focus on your family's lone survival. We believe an important part of thriving, not just surviving, is dependent on having community. The Cleverly Prepared community links you together with local members. 

You will find resources, skill training courses, crop share groups to exchange food or services, fellowship, live Q&A, and prayer groups where you can share prayer requests and know other like-minded believers are praying for you and standing with you. 

We are not supposed to face challenges alone. In today's world there are many challenges and we need community more than ever.  

Let's do life together!

Members have access to a plethora of topics and helpful resources from members who are experts in their trade.

Find help when you most need it with our community of believers and prayer groups. 

Share your skills, services, and expertise with our community.